Ecological Virgen Extra Olive Oil from Biosphere Reserve Dehesas de Sierra Morena (Andalusia, Spain)

olijvenSince 2005 we are involved in research on amphibians and reptiles in the Biosphere Reserve Dehesas de Sierra Morena in southwestern Spain (De Vries, et al. 2009). Together with Association AMBOR an educative amphibian monitoring program is organized (EPMAC). These studies show the importance of the olive yards in the Sierra Norte Natural Park for amphibians and reptiles. Where these are ecologically managed there are large populations of amphibians. The olive oil we promote is from the last small cooperative of ecological (and other) farmers in the area. This is a very taste full and appreciated oil with ecological certificate and obtained the label of Product from Andalusian Natural Park. 5% of the benefits goes directly into conservation actions that are directed to the olive yards.

Additional information on the ecosystem in the Ecological Olive yard (in Dutch)

⇒ Ecological olive oil for a valuable ecosystem(in English)

⇒ Amphibians and ecosystems(in Dutch)
⇒ Information and ordering Ecological Oil (in Dutch)

⇒ EPMAC Educative and Participative Monitoring for Amphibian Conservation(In English)
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