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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting (MR) are widely recognized relaxation techniques that facilitate the natural flow and sensations in the body and mind by gentle manual techniques that can be learned and applied within a few minutes.

EFT and MR are used for resolving stress, fear, phobias, allergies, anxiety, trauma, (chronicle) pains, negative emotions and beliefs, and conflicts (work, relation, family, children).
The techniques facilitate reconnecting with nature and inner harmony, and open the path to general wellbeing and happiness. They are easy to learn and can be used in daily life. Many issues can be resolved at home after a brief introduction. Deeper life-issues can require a longer practice and guidance, while some big-T traumas can be resolved in one or a few sessions of 1 hour.

Many persons that are open for EFT & MR soon experience that they realize a happy, convenient and challenging life.

EFT is founded by Gary Craigh and continuously develloping. On his website there is much background information www.emofree.com.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can be applied by nearly everybody and at any moment. The person gently taps 5-7 times on 15 locations in the body. These locations are also used in acapuncture. The small impulses allow the energy to flow more natural. The amount of stress or physical sensation reduces when concentrating on this while tapping. At the same time as some energy is released another energy comes into awareness. Normally there are shifts in sensations or a memory appears. With EFT the person focuses on the sensation of the energy. With MR we use EFT especially to focus on an issue or sensation and to detect the relation and locations of earlier events. These events are very often within the first 7 years of our lifes. 


TAPPING POINTS ON FACE AND COLARBONE                                                                                                             TAPPING POINTS ON HAND

MR is developed by Karl Dawson and uses EFT techniques. A difference with conventional EFT is the larger distance between the issue and the sensational involvement. Karl most recent book on EFT and MR: "Matrix Reimprinting: transform your beliefs, transform your life". www.matrixreimprinting.com. With MR the person is resolving the (emotional) conflict without connecting with the experience. After resolving, a more pleasant experience is developed and this new "image" is re-impinted. There is normally an important learning in this process which changes the perception of life. With this learning and pleasant experience you rewrite the subconcsious program. 

For many persons the thought on therapies, working on emotions or getting in contact with one-self is an (emotional) barriere in itself. Other persons prefer a positive entrance in stead of a physical or emotional discomfort. One of the very nice and exiting activities I do with MR is "Convert frogs in Princes´". Frogs being any discomfort (physical, emotional, negative or limiting believe) and Princes´ positive experiences (love, happiness, joy, self-esteem, abundance,...). In a session you can choose any idea, or we can just localise the first "frog" that appears. With EFT this can be a lot of fun and with MR it is very effective to release just that energy that is nearest to be cleared. MR is a very usefull tool around the Law of Attraction.  With MR and MR-future imprinting you can learn to attract what you want.

Personal experiences
Personally I started in 2013 using EFT and MR. Karl Dawson taught me the techniques in more detail on his courses EFT/MR in Brighton (England, 2015). 
I became practitioner in 2015 and am very pleased to now facilitate many others to learn applying EFT and MR and get in contact with their inner peace and harmony. The experiences of sessions are always positive. It is a real pleasure to facilitate the release of a fysical or mental inconvenience and see how people in a short time completely change their experience of life!

Several of the persons I worked with have included a brief reflection of the effects they experienced after sessions with me (go to experiences). 

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