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Some reference projects, project partners and reference contacts on running and finished projects with Natura Cerca:


(inter) National and regional surveys, research and conservation projects for amphibians and reptiles; aquatic invertebrates and   amphibians NOVANA-monitoring; national projects and LIFE Projects (LIFE BALTCOAST, LIFE BOMBINA, BALTRIT, DRAGONLIFE).  
Consult (PhD Lars Briggs, Lars Christian Adrados & PhD Martin Hesselsoe)

(inter) National and regional surveys and research projects on amphibians, amphibian species action plans, conservation actions   and educational workshops; national projects and International LIFE Projects (LIFE BALTCOAST, BALTRIT, DRAGONLIFE).
University of Tartu & MTU Pohjakonn (Dr.Riinu Rannap); Estonian Ministry of Environment (Voldemar Rannap)

EPMAC amphibian monitoring initiated in 2015 together with Tigouleix (Rob Veen) and research on distribution of Bufo bufo / Bufo spinosus in France in colaboration with Natural History Museum Naturalis (Leiden, Netherlands; Pim Arntzen) and University of Tuscia (Italy; Danielle Canastrelli).

Amphibian conservation projects (LIFE BOMBINA and local projects). Stiftung Naturschutz Schlesswich Holstein (Hauke Drews); Amphi Consult (Florian Bibelriether & Lars Briggs)

International LIFE project (LIFEBOMBINA). Daugavpils University (Mihails Pupins)

Regional surveys on amphibians and NATURA2000 protection (LIFE ECONAT; LIFE BOGS) .
Lithuanian Fund for Nature (Dalia Bastyte) & Amphi Consult (Florian Bibelriether)

Amphibian and pond conservation Eindhoven. SoontiŽns Ecology & Tuincentrum SoontiŽns(Ing. Martijn van de Loo); National and regional surveys on amphibians. Association RAVON. (JŲran Janse, Raymond Creemers, Edo Goverse); Foreign research on amphibians. Natuurhistorisch Museum Naturalis (Dr. Pim Arntzen). Regional surveys, amphibian conservation plan and overal protected fauna survey and compensation/mitigation. Eco-consultancy Buro Bakker (Herbert Duikhuizen) .

Regional surveys and conservation plans for amphibian. Fauna Passage Polska & Amphi Consult (Marzenna Kierus & PhD. Lars Briggs).EPMAC Educative Amphibian monitoringBialowieza Biodiversity Academy (Olimpia Pabian); national amphibian monitoring (Maciej Pabian)

Regional surveys, research and EPMAC monitoring for amphibian conservation. Freshwater turtle monitoring. EBD-CSIC/DoŮana Biological Station (Dr. Adolfo Marco & Dr. Carmen DŪaz-Paniagua), Association AMBOR (Rosa Carrera).
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